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The Gold Book of Guerrilla Marketing is only available on the Internet. An easy way to reach every corner of the world.

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    The Gold Book of Guerrilla Marketing by Manuel Romero (Innova y Comunica Media, 2014) can be purchased through Amazon. These Web-based stores offer the best price and immediate shipping of your order.

  • In a world in which sales via the Internet have become the best guarantee of quality service –availability is instantly confirmed and shipping is made to anywhere in the world— the Gold Book of Guerrilla Marketing has opted for distribution exclusively via the Internet. The book, which is being published simultaneously in Spanish and English, features the best impact advertising campaigns realized by Manuel Romero, while describing and explaining how they were executed and what repercussions they had. It’s a large-format tome, with 292 pages and 837 photographs, in a hard case simulating a gold ingot. It’s both fascinating for its intriguing content and useful for advertising, marketing and publicity agencies, as well for universities.



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